Dos And Dont’s Of Creating A Landing Page

There are certain aspects of doing business online that can hurt your business if you underrate them. It takes more than the right WooCommerce Whatsapp plugins or plugins such as woocommerce mix and match to do the job. I am not in any way downplaying the importance of the above plugins or any other plugin for that matter.

I am just saying that it will take more than plugins to give you a return on investment (ROI). Before I proceed further, permit me to give you a rundown of how making a profit on the internet works. This way, you will have an idea of what I am talking about.

You start by having an online presence (a website), which you use to promote your business. Then you can integrate other forms of digital promotion or advertisements to promote your business. They include Google ads, email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing and so on.

Any of the above forms of marketing you choose will link people to a page on your website. This page is called “the landing page”. This is the page where prospects become conversions. Most people tend to make certain assumptions, do certain things or decide against doing certain things as regards their landing page.

This may end up hurting your business. It is not just a case of what you do, it also involves what you did not do. Below are some of the dos and don’ts of creating a landing page.


  • Optimize your landing page mobile and user friendly. Most people access the internet using mobile devices such as phones and tablets. You will be robbing yourself of significant traffic if you do not optimize your website for a mobile view.
  • Include backlinks to the content of your landing page. It helps build the authority of your landing page. However, you should follow certain guidelines. You should inform the owners of such links before including them. You should also set them such that the browser opens a new tab whenever someone clicks on the link.
  • Include customer marketing strategies on your landing page. Features like customer testimonials always come in handy. Customers are more likely to use the CTA button if the landing page has a testimonial.
  • Emphasize your call to action. I personally prefer the use of buttons instead of links. Your call to action should be very obvious.
  • Use an image to support the content on your landing page. Research has it that more than 55% of web users will stay longer on a webpage with a supporting image than a webpage without one.
  • Use more of infographics than just regular pictures. While creating landing pages, use more infographics instead of just written content. People love pictures and will pay more attention to a picture than a write-up.
  • Keep things simple and less distracting. Do not create a landing page with features that will take the attention of a prospect from what you are about to sell to them. Creating a simple landing page will help you achieve this.
  • Make the conversion process very simple and straightforward. Do not ask for too much information. Life is already stressful in itself. Try not to make it any more stressful for someone who wants to patronize you.
  • Create multiple landing pages. You can create multiple landing pages using related topics. Different people will have different ideas on what to search for when looking for a solution. Create different landing pages using different types of related content to boost your coverage.


  • Ask for too much information. This is very important especially when it comes to forms. Do not use the form for a survey for conversions. Do not even merge their features.
  • Do not stop emphasizing the benefits of conversions. Until the prospective web user buys that product or subscribes to that service, you should keep giving them reasons to do so.
  • Ignore your design. It is very important that everything about your landing page should be passing the message of your website and business to your prospect.
  • Abuse customer marketing features. Do not makeup super facial testimonials. Do not use only positive feedbacks too. People will see through the surface.
  • Always use super facial pictures too. While having “perfect pictures” look good, they do not have the same effects as amateur pictures. Individuals tend to see amateur pictures as being real. You should try to infuse these related amateur pictures into your landing page.
  • Coerce your customers into buying from you. Avoid the use of terms that will make you seem desperate. I tend not to trust people who use terms like “best, most” and many others. You can use the testimonies of your customers as well as scientific facts to prove your product or service is great.
  • Use pop up ads. The fact that I said you should emphasize the benefits of your product or service does not mean you should litter your landing page with advertisements. Moderation is key. No matter what, avoid the use of pop up ads like you would avoid a plague.
  • Leave your landing page just like that. Review your landing page or pages and make necessary adjustments from time to time. Different trends are always coming up and search engine algorithms are also changing. Do not be left behind.
  • Ignore social media. Encourage web users to share the content on your landing page on various social media platforms. In fact, make it so easy they can do it in one click. This will help increase your coverage and chances of further conversions. People tend to trust what other people say about a company, product or service than what the producer or service provider says

When creating a landing page, you should still reassure the prospects that your product or service is worth it. You should still make efforts to convince your prospects. At the same time, you should also minimize the advertising as your digital marketing campaign has done that for you already.